Here's a great cleaning tip for all your stainless steel knives that have rusted spots. Have a glass or bowl filled with lemon juice (just enough juice to cover the utensils) and put the stainless steel products in there to soak for 20 minutes to half an hour, and then wipe down with a cloth. All the spots should be gone and look good as new!!

Here’s a great cleaning tip for all your stainless steel knives that have rusted spots. Have a glass or bowl filled with lemon juice (just enough juice to cover the utensils) and put the stainless steel products in there to soak for 20 minutes to half an hour, and then wipe down with a cloth. All the spots should be gone and look good as new!!

Handy hints straight out of the ’80s

Vintage cleaning tips have been donated to us in the form of cherished, yellowing, 28-year-old newspaper clippings. Skimming through the cleaning hints of the ’80s, featured ingredients include Rinso, Double D eucalyptus, vinegar, and (my personal favourite) a tablespoon of cream of tartar.

Take a look at their old-school suggestions for refreshing grubby clothes, boiling sheets, and tackling persistent marks on walls and doors.


Mrs J. Harvey, of Bracken Ridge, Qld, says she always uses a handful of washing soda with each load of washing. If items are very grubby, soak them in a tub of water with the washing soda, then rinse and wash them in the machine. Use the washing soda again and a good deterent, as well as a few drops of disinfectant.
Mrs Martin, of Waratah, suggests boiling the sheets with a tablespoon of cream of tartar.
And A. Coombs, of South Hurstville, suggests washing soda and Rinso, and says give them a good boil.

MRS Jackson, of Seven Hills, wanted ways to remove transfers from her son’s bedroom doors.
Double D eucalyptus seems to be the favourite method for this job. Most readers suggested this for removing the transfers. Coat them with the eucalyptus and then wipe it off bit by bit.
Mrs O’Brien, of Dapto, also suggests using vinegar. Allow the vinegar to soak in then scrape off.
Mrs L. Dawson, of Salamander Bay, also suggests vinegar: coat the transfers with several coats of vinegar and allow to soak in, then gently scrape off.
Mrs Oliver, of Cessnock, advises spraying with Preen, leave for a few minutes then wash off. You may need to spray several times. And Mr Rudenko, of Croydon, says you can buy a product called Sticker-off that will do the job for you. This can be obtained at NRMA depot’s and The Royal Guide Dog Association.”

Meet The Newest Member of Our Team…

“I’m Leah, and I’m one of the newest members of the All Gone Extreme Clean. I’ve spent most of my life in WA, where I studied for four years for a Bachelor of Forensic Science and Toxicology, and a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science as Molecular Biology. My partner and I moved over from WA and we now live together in Sydney, where I study a Masters of Forensic Science at the University of Technology, Sydney, whilst also working with Lee and the rest of the team. I have a great interest in forensic science and how it can be used in criminal and law environments, and through my studies I have developed a keen eye for detail, which I hope to hone whilst working for All Gone Extreme Clean. Being a part of the team means that I can enhance the quality of living for some people, whilst bringing comfort and closure to others, and I believe that is something worth doing, and I look forward to it.”

Please welcome Leah McGlashan to the team!

Please welcome Leah to the team!

Reasons To Go On Living: Story 20

Reasons To Go On Living: Story 20

A must read…

“People who try to kill themselves and do not succeed are privy to a mess they can in no way imagine. The physical pain can be unbearable. Then you get to see the pain and horror in the eyes of someone you love and who loves you.”

Read this woman’s inspirational story, where she overcame suicidal thoughts and learned how beautiful life can really be. I hope that stories like this will inspire new ones to come about. 

“In short, suicide is not the answer. It is only the accumulation of bad feelings that can change. Life can be good if you wait.”

Acts of Kindness

What is the ultimate goal? Perhaps it is aspiring to contribute some-thing of value. Finding a way to help others – those we care about deeply – can inspire us for a lifetime. There is always a place in the world for those who are willing to give of their time, energy, capital, creativity, and commitment. What simple act of kindness could you show another person today? Decide now, take action, and be sure to appreciate how this makes you feel. — Anthony Robbins, Giant Steps: Small Changes to Make a Big Difference. (page 43)

A really good point is raised here, about how we feel when we do good to others. It is so important to realise that we should be doing more self-fulfilling things that also help other people. We can so easily forget to be more selfless because we life in such a selfish society. If we are so addicted to making ourselves feel good – we should become addicted to helping others feel good too. It would make the world a better place!

Whether it’s saying R U OK, or just trivial things like giving a stranger directions – remember the last time you did something good for someone else. How did it make you feel?

Always look out for each other and love each other!

The team at,

All Gone Extreme Clean.

Click Here and Watch…

Click Here and Watch…

I stumbled across this video on Facebook, it’s about ‘Bullycide”.

I simply cannot understand how young people of this generation can be so poisonous, cruel, thoughtless and mean.

So many people don’t believe me when I say that my life would be better if my job didn’t exist, but when you hear stories like this – how can you not? Imagine having to clean up after a child if they had been found dead after committing suicide. Imagine having to clean up after that child if it were your own. Part of my job is helping parents and families cope with tragedies like this by taking the work of their hands. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect me.

Please, look after each other, and take care of each other ALWAYS.

Everyone Should Try This.

Some of the simplest things can make the biggest difference. If you want to create a fun habit that will benefit you in unexpected ways, try the following exercise.
Commit for the next seven days to spending one minute, five times a day, in front of the mirror doing nothing but grinning from ear to ear.
This way feel pretty foolish at first, but by repeating it several times a day, you’ll consistently spark your nervous system to generate feelings of happiness, spontaneity, humor, and silliness. Most important, you’ll condition yourself to feel good and develop the physical habit of happiness. Take a moment to do this now, and make it fun! – Anthony Robbins, “Giant Steps: Small Changes to Make A Big Difference”

It is so important for people to train themselves to be happy! When i stumbled across this tip in my Anthony Robbins book I just had to post it. I have to say, it really does work!

Look after each other,